Canadian works written for Michael Laucke

Note: All of the following modern works are fine examples of what is known as atonal music; they will certainly not be to everyone’s taste. Many people find atonal music cacophonous; others …mellifluous.
If you are a trained musician, to follow these incredibly difficult works,sometimes with music score in hand, is of course an amazing experience; some pages contain, actually, thousands of notes. Almost all of the following works were written for Michael Laucke at a period in his career where he was looking for greater musical challenges. All the works were recorded either live over CBC radio, or on disk.
If atonal music doesn’t please you, the more traditionally beautiful music of the classical guitar, and exciting flamenco guitar, can be found in many areas of this site.

(All works are written for Michael Laucke, except as indicated)


RCI = Radio Canada International label,
MUR = McGill University label,
CBC = CBC recording in Studio or in Concert,
DATE =  Date of  RECORD or CBC recording


Canadian (Atonal) music ~ works written for and played by Michael Laucke


3/6/70, RCI 367 François Morel
  • Départ
Guitar and chamber orchestra 9’25
8/4/72, RCI 367 François Morel
  • Iikkii
Guitar and chamber orchestra 16’30
5/1/76, CBC Claude Vivier Guitar 5′
5/1/76, CBC Walter Boudreau
  • Le Cercle gnostique
Voice, flute, guitar (TRIO 3) 5′
9/23/80, CBC David Eagle

  • [1]Contrastare no 1
Bass, flute, guitar 10′
10/26/81, CBC Alan Crossman
  • La Fille du Pecheur
Voice, guitare 15′
3/5/81, CBC Bruno Deschênes

  • [2]Calme en soi
Guitar 8′
2/25/82, RCI 457 François Morel Guitar 21′
2/25/82, CBC Claude Lasonde
  • Quatre études
  • Anachorétisme
  • Quatre mouvements
  • Image et Sonoritéé
  • Silène pur Satyre
  • La Règne
  • Guitar
  • Guitar
  • Guitar
  • 2 Guitars
  • Flute, Guitar
  • Voice, flute, guitar
    (TRIO 3)


4/16/82, CBC & MUR 28/9/83 John Rea Guitar, string quartet 15′
4/28/83, CBC John Burke Guitar, clarinet 15′
11/8/83, CBC Jean Papineau-Couture Guitar 12′
1/14/83, CBC Michel Gonneville guitare 21′
3/18/83, RCI 497 Wolfgang Bottenberg Voice, flute, guitar (TRIO 3) 7’30
3/18/83, RCI 497 Michel-Georges Brégent Voice, flute, guitar(TRIO3)
Violin and guitar
9/25/86, CBC Donald Steven
  • Chamber Concierto for guitar
Guitar, 15 instruments 20′
RCI 583 François Morel Guitar, violin 8’30
RCI 583 Denis Dion Guitar, violin 4’30
RCI 583 Leon Zukert
  • Cobwebs in my Spanish castle
Guitar 7′
 1991 / CBC Michel-Georges Brégent Guitar, Orchestra (Montreal Symphony Orchestra) 20′

[1] …not specifically written for Michael Laucke

[2] …not specifically written for Michael Laucke

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